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A whole lotta love on social:

“I just love these! They have really helped mein these crazy times!!”

“Keep them coming, we need them now more than ever! 😘😘”

“This is AWESOME Anh! Thank you!! I look forward to these posts! 💗”

“Post more! These are really helpful!”

“We all need this!”

“Oh man. I need to read this. Haven’t exercisedin two days and I’m eating like crapola. Tomorrow is a new day.”

“These cards are seeing me through many days.”

“These are so so great. I’ve always been so inspired by you. Your words changed things for me in my struggle to get out of my own way.”

“I second the love for them! SO thoughtful, kind, welcoming and needed!”

“Anh, these continue to be such great reminders. 😁”

“These are wonderful! Great design and inspiring message.”

Kind words from the professionals:

“What better time than NOW to have a new way of helping individuals better understand the many ways in which mental health concerns may present in their daily lives.

Having a new tool to use in a casual, fun, and artistic manner, allows readers to put many of their moods and feelings into a context that is not frightening, but one that directs them to better understanding and providing tools to cope with life’s stresses which have rarely been higher.

Anh Oppenheimer has provided this tool which she does in a very readable, unthreatening manner, with enough substance, sass, and humor to keep the reader engaged and eager. Her creative wit hewn by life struggles provides an authenticity. The information she provides helps direct her readers to helpful pathways of understanding, self acceptance, and solutions.

After 40 plus years of a very busy psychiatric practice, I wish that I had these Cue Cards which I would gladly have recommended to many patients, to both help their understanding of what they were going through, as well as to aid them in making their journey more comfortable and possibly speeding up the process of their journey toward feeling better.”

Douglas B. Anderson, M.D., Former Chairman Dept of Psychiatry
St. Mary’s Hospital and McAuley Institute,
San Francisco, California

“We all exist on a mental health continuum. Over time, we may move from thriving to struggling or move into crisis and back. Like a friend leading the way, Cue Cards meet us at different points along that continuum. They remind us that we are not alone and help us develop the healthy habits we all need to manage our mental health.“

Anne Fischer, Executive Director
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) San Francisco

“These cards are so wonderful and from the heart! I really think they will truly help a lot of people.”

Ashley C. Smith, LCSW, ACB
Director of Counseling, High School Teenagers

“I love the concept and the info you present on the cards. Lots of really good suggestions and thoughts and perspectives.”

Anna Agell, LCSW

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