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To the design team!

Amy Gregg
A1 Design

Laura Cary
Cary Design Group

Vinicius Miazaki
Cinza Web Design

To the mental health advisors!

Dr. Doug Anderson

Ashley Smith, LCSW

Anna Agell, LCSW

Anne Fisher and Simone Baggetto
NAMI San Francisco

To the readers!

Sarah Smith

Carrie Leeb

Michelle Johnson

Dana Bjornsen

Ben Bruton

Alice Lin Glover

Rowen Willingham-Nowlan

Ellie Stokes

Todd Oppenheimer

AJ Oppenheimer

Moss Oppenheimer

Dennis Crean

To the business advisors!

Grace Kraaijvanger

Dr. Sweta Chawla

Susan Schroeder

Lisa Tanzman