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Lacey & The Mosh Pit of Love

June 1, 2022

Today will be a weird day for Lacey – my beloved 12-and-a-half year old dog. First she’s getting an ultrasound to see what the heck’s happening in her GI tract. Then we plop her in the car, drive half-way across Nevada, and spend the night in a casino.

Lacey and I don’t have that owner-doggie look-alike syndrome. But we do share temperaments. We’re both often too nice and unfortunately too anxious. So I know today is going to be tough for her. Car rides make her tremble like a leaf. To make herself feel secure, she wedges her 70 pound self between the passenger seat and the back seat on the floor and lies there panting.

(Fortunately for today’s ride, we do have an SSRI doggie anxiety med that I hope will make her feel relaxed and safe.)

I gave Lacey a little pep-talk this morning. I told her this was going to be a kooky day. And all kinds of new things were going to happen. But that every step of the way, she would be with kind and caring people. Many of them strangers, but still, gentle and competent and loving people. From the assistant taking her into the ultrasound room to the radiologist, the gas station attendant somewhere in Nevada to the check in person at the casino hotel, people she’s never met are going to ooo-and-ahh at her, pet her little head, and say sweet nothings all day long.

It’s kind of like a mosh pit where rockstars fling themselves into the audience and are passed hand to hand up in the air. It’s bizarre, unnerving, and sort of glorious.  Passed hand to hand by the adoration of strangers.

I hope that as you begin your summer, and weird days happen, you can feel the kindness of strangers passing you along. From the lady at the grocery store to the UPS guy. Feel like a rockstar in the glorious weirdo mosh pit of sweetness.