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Happy 2023

January 1, 2023

My dearest Happier Minders-

I have missed you. I have missed writing missives on my little laptop with you in mind.

On August 9th, two days after scattering my father’s ashes, I hurt my neck. So much so that for nearly 4 months I couldn’t type or look down at a keyboard, I couldn’t be vertical for more than 2 hours, I couldn’t hold a hardcover book. I tried everything from psychics to surgeons to try to figure out what was happening and how to get better. It wasn’t until neck surgery last month that I was able to sit up, look at people eye to eye, walk my dog for longer than 45minutes, and type. I pretty much spent four months not doing all the things I’d expected to do: write, blog, edit, swim, travel…. I did a lot of letting go during that last third of 2022. I had to. And in the end, I’m incredibly grateful.

This new year feels newer than many. New neck (1/4” taller than my old neck!), new ideas, new approaches….. I’m very excited to start.

Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for letting me reach out, for letting me take a neck break, for being there on the other end of my SEND button.

May all the things that didn’t serve you beautifully in 2022 now fall away. May you too feel shiny and new. May you know that even when things go sideways, you’re important, imperfectly perfect, loved.

Happy New Year.