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I’d like to thank my chest cavity….

January 17, 2023

I’d like to thank my chest cavity. You know, as we all often do. I say this because when I get all trembly, shaky, and unmoored, one of my tricks it to focus really strongly on bringing my shimmery wobbly self back into my body. Like with a thud. Like with the pounding strength of a sumo wrestler. My chest cavity is a super place to imagine my little self curling up in. It’s warm. My heart is in there. My rib cage is a great protector from the imaginary elements that haunt. Love it!

I mean, who doesn’t like curling up to someone ELSE’S chest cavity too? IRL? Isn’t that sort of the physical gesture of comfort?

In my wedding vows, I pointed this out. How much I loved my husband’s rib cage. His ribs are a source of security. A place where, when I lay my head, I feel undeniably loved. I think he was a little surprised I included that part in front of 180 people. But really, what’s not to love about a nice strong set of ribs with a thumping kind heart inside?

I say all of this just in case you too have moments of wobbliness and need to feel grounded and IN yourself. I mean, there are phrases that date back to at least our grandparents’ days: “Gather yourself.” “Pull yourself together.” Isn’t that the same as bringing the spewed elements of your fragile, wonderful, beautiful being back home?

If you find parts of you have wandered, it’s OK. Home is always there waiting for you. Warm, loving, thumping. Think of yourself all gathered around the hearth of your heart. All inside YOU. Cocooned. Safe. Adored.

Thank you chest cavity. You rule.