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Here’s to hoping

June 26, 2022

My husband and I are hooked on the Cork O’Connor mystery series by William Kent Krueger. Cork is a detective, half Irish half Ojibwe, who finds himself ensnared in all sorts of mythical and mischievous misadventures along the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota. Cork is cool, but the man who really catches my interest is the spiritual center of the book – Henry Meloux. Henry is an Ojibwe Healer, older than anyone can figure out, and very very wise. 

Todd and I are on the 15th book now, “Manitou Canyon”.  At one point, Henry Meloux is talking to his niece Rainy and what he said stopped me in my tracks:

“Worry, and you open the door to the worst of possibilities, Niece. Better, I think, to hope. The heart invites a friendlier spirit for its company.”

“You don’t ever worry?” asked Rainy.

“Only the dead are free of worry.”

“What do you do when you worry?”

“I pray and then I plan.”

Ahhh!!! How blissful to think about switching out the concept of worrying with the notion of hoping! Instead of worrying that I, let’s say, offended someone, I could HOPE that I hadn’t offended them.  Rather than worrying that my son Moss is safe while he guides a group of folks down the river rapids I could HOPE that they have a safe and awesome time. Kind of the same thing but with a way sweeter vibe.

I’m gonna try to do that more. 

Here’s to hoping.