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My Bed

July 2, 2022

My favorite place, my favorite piece of furniture, is my bed. My dad used to say (in French) “Ou est mon lit?” (Where is my bed?) every night just after dinner. When I need sustenance and hope, comfort and love, that’s what I say too… where is my bed?

I love my bed because it’s my cocoon. Because except for my hubby and my dog (and when my kids were little, them too), it’s a place that’s mine-all-mine. It’s warm and soft in there. It is completely quiet. It’s where I go when the world overwhelms me, when I’m scared, when I’m sad. My feathered nest.

So this card, the first in the deck of My Happier Mind Cue Cards, that says “Create a Morning Ritual” is sometimes a little tricky for me because I literally don’t want to get out of bed. I have a hard time leaving my safe space while the world is still quiet and hasn’t started its demands of me. I don’t want to stand up straight, go to a chair in the house, find my journal, sit still, meditate. I want to stay curled and cocooned.

So the most obvious has finally occurred to me. I do my morning ritual – a great way to align my spirit to get through another day – IN BED! Ah, bliss!

Here’s how it goes: I wake up and if he’s still there, snuggle with hubby so that I am building that connection with him. Pet dog who is squeaking. THEN, it’s me time. I get that journal and follow Julia Cameron’s advice* and write 3 pages. Even if it’s stupid and silly and whiney. Whatever. 3 pages. THEN, I build up my pillows and put my tush on them and meditate for just 10 minutes. 

The great news is, I’ve started my day beautifully AND I’ve lingered in bed.

Lingered. What a luscious word.

Bed…. devine.

There is so much I feel that we need to do to take care of and nurture ourselves. Sometimes it feels like that can fill my whole day. If I can add lingering and lusciousness to it, or fun to it, or 20 more minutes in bed to it…. well, I’ll take it.

Mon lit est ice (My bed is here.)

Sending love,


*Julia Cameron is the author of “The Artist’s Way”. In it, she recommends Morning Pages which are “the bedrock tool of a creative recovery. Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning.” For more info, check out her book or go to her website: JuliaCameronLive.