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You Are Beau-ti-ful!

July 9, 2022

Sometimes I feel ugly. I even go so far as to believe that I scare people by the way I look. Bags under my eyes, my hair all frizzy and gray, double chin, Fred Flinstone feet, round round belly… I’m pretty sure I look like a halloween witch. Or a crazy old lady.  I hate feeling ugly. It plays into that harmful thought pattern I detest – that everyone is judging me and I’m not good enough.

At times like these, a song by Kasey Chambers called “Not Pretty Enough” endlessly loops through my head. (It’s a very catchy tune, and I love it, and she is BRILLIANT but I don’t like thinking those three words again and again.)

Roald Dahl in his children’s book “The Twits” should dissuade me of that “not pretty enough” loop. He says this:

 “…if you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams

and you will always look lovely.”

I love this. Because on my rottenest, frizziest haired, baggiest-eyed days, I am still a being who has a kind heart. I am still someone who can choose to think a kind thought, emanate love outta my eyeballs – bags or not.

One of the best remedies for the uglies is for me to switch my sound track. I gotta let go of of Kacey’s toe taping but sad song and listen instead to a FANTABULOUS song from 1969 by the Youngbloods “Beautiful.”  

Reach out your pain, can’t you understand

You’re beautiful

Do what you will

Pay no attention to the small mind, oh no, no

Do what you will

Or laugh at convention, it’s not a crime, no, no, no, no

Open your eyes and look around you

Lovers everywhere, they surround you

Reach out your pain, can’t you understand

You’re beautiful, beautiful, beautiful now

You’re so beautiful, oh, do you, do you feel it

Beautiful, beautiful, now, I sure hope you feel it


I hope you never spend a second not feeling beautiful inside and out. But if those twitchy dastardly thoughts ever do come galloping into your head, BLAST those stupid wrong uglies out by listening and dancing to the Youngbloods song “Beautiful.”  

Here’s the link on spotify: or go to and type in Youngbloods Beautiful.

You’re beautiful.