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Why Not?

July 17, 2022

So here’s something that’s kind of kooky, kind of fun…. I recently learned it in this Six Phases Meditation course that I took from MindValley.  I don’t really know if it WORKS works, but it gives me a little thrill to imagine the possibilities.

Apparently, if you ask the universe stuff (and here, insert an image of my friend Ben looking at me sideways, taking a long drag off his cigarette, and saying “Oh, Betti”) it will answer you. So if you ask WHY something is the way it is, the universe will rush in to answer your question. It will SHOW you WHY, thereby bringing positive change into your life.

I know, you’re thinking “this lady is totally woo-woo and I’m gonna stop reading her posts!” But don’t stop! (Please don’t! You make me so happy!)

So the idea is that if I ask “Why am I so confident?” the universe will show me all the ways that I am confident and therefore I will BECOME more confident.

Is anyone still with me?

Well, I have no friggin’ idea if this works or not. But I have to say, it is totally cool to come up with a lot of WHY questions for things you really want. It makes you kind of giddy. At the very least, temporarily, you feel like there’s a bit of momentum moving in your favor.

Here were mine this morning as I was walking my dog in the Colorado humidity:

  • Why am I so confident?
  • Why do I take care of my body so well?
  • Why am I so honest and kind with my husband?
  • Why do I no longer care what people think?
  • Why do people listen when I speak?
  • Why do I enjoy my life so much?
  • Why do I see so much beauty?

…I don’t know….. I mean, WHY NOT?

Love ya,