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71 Tips & Tricks to Better Mental Health

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Life Hacks

During her years of struggling with anxiety and depression, Anh Oppenheimer developed a slew of life hacks to help prevent and get herself out of “the yuckies.” She jotted these tips down in case they might be useful to her children. Then the pandemic hit. Realizing that so many were felling alone, freaked, or blue, Anh hoped to reach a wider audience. With the advice and endorsement of a team of mental health professionals, she created Cue Cards for My Happier Mind.

“After 40 plus years of a very busy psychiatric practice, I wish that I had had these
Cue Cards which I would gladly have recommended to many patients…”

Douglas B. Anderson, M.D.

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Hold ‘em, touch ‘em, shuffle ‘em, throw them up in the air! Cue Cards for My Happier Mind are not just digital anymore! You can have all 71 tips & tricks for better mental health in your hot little hands. Give them to the special people in your life, and that includes you!


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